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Nutritious Summer Smoothies for Elderly Loved Ones

When it’s hot outside, your elderly loved one wants to stay cool and comfortable. Often, the appetite diminishes in seniors for a variety of reasons, but there are few things that are as tempting as a delicious fruit smoothie. Not only are smoothies a fine way to cool down, but they are an excellent vehicle for delivering nutrients to your elderly loved one. Packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and more, nutritious summer smoothies will quickly become your elderly loved one’s favorite snack.

Why Smoothies for Seniors?

Smoothies are ideal for seniors that need an extra nutritional boost for whatever reason. Some are on a liquid diet such as a post-surgery, after a stroke or because they have a hard time chewing and swallowing. Some seniors don’t have much of an appetite, due to medication or depression. Still other seniors don’t like it when meals are prepared by another family… Continue reading