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5 Go-To Meals for Family Caregivers

Dinnertime can be one of the most hectic meals of the day, because you and your family members are coming and going, and everyone is starving. It doesn’t matter if you are responsible for meal planning and preparation for your children, your aging loved one, or both. The fact is that meals can add to your already stressful caregiver evenings.

So how do you plan and prepare last-minute nutritious meals that your aging loved one will eat? When you have stocked up on a few key ingredients, you’ll have several go-to meals that are ready in no time. Even if you haven’t been to the store for fresh food items, these pantry meals will make your elderly loved one full and happy.

Here are 5 go-to meals that you as a family caregiver can always have on hand and ready to go in just a few minutes:

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