Specialty Programs

Veteran’s Care

Because of the valuable service those in the armed forces have provided to our country, we are pleased to be able to offer senior veterans and their spouses home care services covered through the Veteran’s Administration. We can tailor any of the full spectrum of services provided by Valley Home Care to meet the needs of the veteran and his or her spouse.

Alzheimer’s Care

As our medical community is becoming more adept at early diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, more families are in need of support and assistance to provide a safe and comfortable home environment for their loved ones. At Valley Home care, trained staff are available for up to 24 hours at a time to provide care and monitoring of the senior suffering with early memory loss through some of the more challenging and life threatening symptoms of the illness as it progresses.

Post Hospital Recovery

Sometimes a senior will need caregiving services for a limited time following surgery or a brief illness. Our caregivers are available to provide a full range of services designed to provide companionship, comfort and support while the senior recovers in the comfort of their home.