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What Should You Do If Your Parent is Suffering From Heat Stroke?

Elderly adults are particularly vulnerable to a variety of health concerns and conditions, including heat stroke. Simply being older increases their risk, but they can also be at higher risk if they suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, circulation problems, or obesity. This condition can lead to very severe consequences, including heart, kidney, and brain damage, and even death. Knowing how to properly handle heat-related illnesses and injuries can help to diminish the impact of excessive heat and reduce the risk of severe consequences.

Use these tips to help you handle the situation if your senior is suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke:

  • If your senior is showing symptoms of being overheated, particularly confusion, rapid heartrate, or loss of consciousness, call for emergency medical services immediately, then concentrate on cooling the person down.
  • Bring your elderly loved one into an air conditioned building or into the shade if… Continue reading