How Do You Find the Best Doctor for Your Aging Mom?

Home Care Modesto CA - How Do You Find the Best Doctor for Your Aging Mom?

Home Care Modesto CA – How Do You Find the Best Doctor for Your Aging Mom?

Your mom is hesitant to see her doctor. She doesn’t feel comfortable with someone that much younger. Something about the doctor’s personality bothers your mom. As a result, appointment days are a hassle. Your mom drags her feet and comes up with a variety of reasons why she doesn’t have to go to the doctor. It may be time to find a better physician.

Involve Your Mom

The first thing you need to do is involve your mom. She needs to give her input. Ask her what her dream doctor’s qualities are. She may want a woman who is overweight. Make sure you focus your search for doctors who meet her requirements or are as close to them as possible.

As she ages, she may want a doctor who specializes in the health and wellness of the elderly. Geriatric medicine involves care that is meant to treat and prevent the chronic diseases senior citizens face. A geriatrician is a board-certified physician in family or internal medicine. These doctors receive additional training in the care of the elderly, including prescription medication issues and rehabilitation care.

Check Reviews and Ask Your Mom’s Friends

Ask your mom’s friends who they use. If any have recommendations, jot them down. Use this information to then look up the doctor online and read online reviews. Print out the best contenders and let your mom read their profiles and reviews. See what she thinks about each one.

Look for reviews on sites like Google, Healthgrades, and RateMDs. Your mom’s health insurance company may also offer reviews and ratings from other insured patients.

Schedule an Introductory Consultation First

Once you’ve narrowed down the list to a few options, call to see how much an introductory consultation costs and if insurance covers it. A face-to-face meeting is the best way for your mom to see if the doctor is the best match for her preferences.

Try to be available for that visit. You can ask questions your mom may not have or think to ask. It’s also helpful to be available if your mom wants to set up advanced directives during this appointment or add you to the list of people who can access her medical records.

If you struggle to get time off to take your mom to her doctor’s appointments. Look into home care services. A caregiver can drive your mom for you. In addition to transportation, home care providers help with meals, housework, and companionship. Call our home care agency to discuss the best options for your mom.

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