GPS Tracking Could Save Your Parents’ Lives


When a Minnesota couple vanished, family members hoped for the best. Their mom had a stroke, and their dad cared for her. When he was diagnosed with dementia, the family continued to check in on them each day. One afternoon, they simply disappeared.

It was days before the family got answers. Their parents went out for lunch and ended up trying to get to an old family cabin. Why they went there is a mystery. The SUV got stuck and the couple had no way to call for help.

One thing the family wants is for others to learn from this. Had there been a way to track the couple using GPS, they may have been discovered in time.

Home Care Services in Merced CA: GPS Tracking For Seniors

Home Care Services in Merced CA: GPS Tracking For Seniors

Understanding How GPS Works

GPS uses satellites to bounce signals to GPS receivers. These signals are calculated to determine how far the receiver is from the three nearest satellites. Using this information, the receiver’s location is then identified.

Once the receiver’s location is identified, authorities can use it to track a missing person. As long as the person still holds the receiver, it makes for easier rescues. Even if the person drops the receiver, it can help narrow the search area.


GPS Devices to Consider

When it comes to protecting your senior parent, there are three main GPS receivers to consider. In the case of the Minnesota couple, their vehicle was equipped with OnStar, but they didn’t have it activated. That’s one possibility to consider if your parent still drives.

A cell phone is another solid choice for a GPS system. Not only can a cell phone help authorities track your mom or dad’s location, it also provides them with a way to call for help in case of an emergency. They can also let you know where they are going and what they plan to do for the day.

Finally, there are GPS devices that go into shoes or pieces of clothing like a jacket. There are also GPS devices that go on a dog’s collar if your parent walks a pet regularly.

Batteries with cell phones and devices that go into clothing need to be recharged regularly. It’s important that someone is available to make sure the receiver is always charged.


One Other Way to Keep a Parent Safe

Hiring a caregiver to spend the day with your mom or dad is another idea. You have a second pair of eyes watching them when you have work or other pressing matters. Elderly care services arrange to have a caregiver take your mom or dad out to run errands, join them on walks, or make sure they don’t wander. Learn more by calling an elderly care agency today.

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