Dozens of Towns Join the Village Movement to Keep Seniors at Home

Home Care Merced CA - Dozens of Towns Join the Village Movement to Keep Seniors at Home

Home Care Merced CA – Dozens of Towns Join the Village Movement to Keep Seniors at Home

What do you know about the new trend known as the village movement? It’s a grassroots movement designed to keep community seniors in the homes they love. In the U.S., there are more than 200 towns or villages that are part of the village movement. It may be a good way for your mom and dad to age at home while also getting the help they need.

What is the Village Movement?

The village movement is a means for seniors to remain active in their neighborhood. The very heart of the movement is for seniors to help themselves as much as possible. Community members pool resources to ensure that everyone lives happily and securely in their home.

One of the first movements started in Boston’s Beacon Hill area. Elderly residents help when they can and tell the group when they can’t do something. Community members work together to make sure every senior has what it takes to age at home.

How Can It Help Seniors?

Imagine this scenario. Your mom and dad live alone and love their home. They don’t want to move. They also live half an hour from shopping, medical centers, and dental practices. They no longer drive. With a village movement in place, your parents get a ride to stores and businesses with other members of the community.

While your parent is receiving help, which is a big part of the village movement, they also can volunteer their own services. Your mom loves to garden. An elderly couple down the road can’t weed their front flower beds now. Your mom helps out by weeding for them.

Through this program, your parents remain vital members of the community, while they also receive the help they need. The village movement offers help and community involvement that prevents loneliness and isolation.

What if More is Needed?

If your mom or dad need help that community members can’t provide, the village movement organizers help find a solution. They can recommend home care providers, medical providers, and other helpful services. There’s no fee to get access to the information. Village movements have many partnerships with things like area hospitals and businesses. Helping seniors with whatever service they need is all part of the village movement’s services.

Pairing a village movement with home care services enables your mom and dad to live at home without worry. They have someone to help them with all aspects of daily care and home upkeep. Learn more about the many benefits of home care by making a call to us today.

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