Medicaid Savings Programs Cuts Get Spared for Two Months – What Happens Next?

Homecare Fresno CA - Medicaid Savings Programs Cuts Get Spared for Two Months - What Happens Next?

Homecare Fresno CA – Medicaid Savings Programs Cuts Get Spared for Two Months – What Happens Next?

Connecticut made news when they announced they were putting a hold on plans to cut Medicaid programs. This delay is only slated to last for two months. They’re not the only state making plans to change things. In Arkansas, almost one-third of Medicaid recipients had their benefits cut off after it was discovered they’d moved without updating their mailing address.

Medicaid cuts are expected as part of the Federal government’s plans for entitlement reform. Two of the measures that have been discussed are to put a spending limit in place or to give the states a grant to cover the expenses and then put the spending in the hands of each state.

Both plans have people worried that there won’t be enough money and states will have to make hard decisions on who gets help If you had to choose between a woman in the last months of pregnancy, an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s, a disabled veteran, or a sick child, could you do it?

What Happens Now?

In Connecticut, The changes were expected to change maximum income limits for qualified beneficiaries from $2,120 (single) and $2,854 (couple) to $1,025 (single) and $1,374 (couple). That cuts the income limits in half the Department of Social Services agreed to review the new policy to see what people who are denied coverage can do instead. This review period puts a two-month delay in place.

Arkansas cut 73,000 people from Medicaid programs. The state also asked the federal government for permission to remove another 60,000 by changing the maximum income limits. While going through records, Arkansas human services did find more than 7,000 men and women who qualified for Medicaid and would be switched to the program.

When the budget vote is complete, the focus will start shifting to how the government will offset some of the debt that’s being accrued through tax cuts. If your mom or dad use Medicaid, there is the chance they will no longer meet changing income limits. This is something to keep in mind.

What Can You Do?

Contacting your state senators and congressmen is an important step. Share your parents’ stories. You may need to start looking into other options to ensure your mom or dad’s health care coverage is not impacted. Talk to the agency on aging to find out what options are available.

One thing you can’t do is ignore the senior homecare services your mom or dad need. They want to age at home. You may find that homecare services provided by a caregiver work in partnership with your help as a family caregiver. Learn more about flexible scheduling by calling our senior homecare agency today.


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