Looking for Signs Your Senior May Be Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease

Home Care Modesto CA - Looking for Signs Your Senior May Be Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease

Home Care Modesto CA – Looking for Signs Your Senior May Be Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease

While there are many things that you can do as a family caregiver to ensure that your aging parent gets all of the care and support that they need, one of the most important is simply to pay attention. Being vigilant about your parent’s condition and behavior can help you to identify when things change or issues arise that might indicate a more troubling condition that requires further care.

If you are like many family caregivers, something that you are worried about is Alzheimer’s disease. With more than 5 million people throughout the United States living with this condition, it is a prevalent problem that is life changing not just for the senior who is living with it, but also their caregiver. Detecting potential early signs of Alzheimer’s, however, can be as simple as using your senses.

Some ways that you can look for signs that your senior may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease include:

  • Check how they are presenting themselves. Take note if a senior who has always been conscientious about their personal appearance seems to not be styling their hair, doing their makeup, or performing other tasks that they generally would.
  • Look at their clothing and ensure that it is seasonally appropriate or appropriate for the activity that you are going to be doing, and that the items that they have chosen go together properly.
  • Check their clothing and make sure that it is not stained, torn, or otherwise not presentable, that might indicate that they are not changing their clothing regularly or that they are not properly evaluating their clothing when choosing it.

If your parent has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or their challenges and symptoms have increased to the point that you feel they would benefit from additional care and support, now may be the ideal time to consider starting home care for them.

Whether it is early in your parent’s progression with the disease or they have been coping with it for some time and have reached a more challenging stage, this in-home senior care services provider can make a tremendous difference in their life and the life of you as their family caregiver. This home care provider can step in to fill care gaps, provide services that enable you to take time away from your care efforts and focus on other obligations in your life, as well as yourself, and encourage your loved one to maintain a lifestyle that is more active, independent, and fulfilling throughout their progression.

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