What Practical Tips Can You Follow to Help Your Loved-One Avoid a Fall?

Falling is a problem for your senior not just because it can create an injury right then, but because falls contribute to future health problems for your loved-one.  Helping your elderly family member avoid a fall can be as simple as going through this list and tackling each suggestion one at a time.

Talk to Her Doctor First

There are a few reasons that you want to make your first conversation a talk with your senior’s doctor.  For starters, there may be medication side effects that you need to know about that could make your elderly family member more susceptible to falling.  This conversation is also a good time for you to ask your aging parent’s doctor about her other risk factors related to falling.

Check Both Hearing and Vision

It might seem odd, but your aging family member’s hearing and her vision both impact whether she’s more likely to fall or not.  Have her doctor check her hearing and make an appointment with your elderly family member’s eye doctor.  If your aging adult has an audiologist, a more in-depth exam may be in order.  Update your senior’s glasses and hearing assistance regularly so that neither is a possible factor in an accident.

Start a Comprehensive Exercise Program

As long as your elderly family member’s doctor agrees that it’s alright, exercise is the next stage of your plan.  You will want to incorporate activities that help your loved-one to build up her balance, her endurance, and her strength.  If your senior family member hasn’t exercised in a long time, start with exercises that she already enjoys even if she’s not engaging in them a lot at the moment.

Keep an Eye out for Tripping Hazards

Go through your elderly family member’s home with an eye toward removing anything that might potentially trip your loved-one or throw her off balance.  Make it a habit to go through the house regularly to remove anything that crops back up as a hazard.  You might want to consider hiring elderly care providers who can help your senior keep the main areas of her home clear.
Once you have a plan in place, it’s easier to keep up with it.


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