Will My Mom’s Shyness Keep Her From Adjusting to a Caregiver?

For any aging adult, it’s often hard to have caregivers come in and start helping out. Some seniors feel a loss as a stranger comes into their home and starts taking over some of the typical household chores. If your mom is shy, the adjustment to senior home can be even harder. Here are some tips that may help your shy mom adjust to her caregiver.

Remember She Won’t Change Overnight

If your mom is shy, it’s not going to end overnight. Don’t expect her to get past her shyness and willingly welcome a stranger. She’s going to have difficulties adjusting. It’s going to take time. Don’t try to rush her or criticize her when she doesn’t welcome a caregiver with open arms. Be flexible as she acclimates to having a caregiver helping out.

Work On Her Shyness Gradually

It also helps to work on your mom’s shyness, but don’t rush the process. Take her out of the house as often as possible. If she loves activities like painting, sign up for a painting class. She may find a night out where you enjoy a glass of wine or beer while an instructor teaches you how to paint. After a few events like this, she may find herself becoming comfortable with that group and gaining some confidence that allows her to accept others into her life.

Address Your Concerns Up Front

When you call a senior care agency, talk to the director about your mom’s shyness. It’s very likely the agency has had plenty of experience with this type of situation. Every senior that receives home care is nervous at first. Some take longer to adjust than others. Your mom’s care can be scheduled to start out very slowly, maybe an hour a day once a week, and increase from there. You can also have your mom sit down to talk to caregivers and see how she reacts to different workers. She may find one caregiver to be easier to talk to than others.

Don’t avoid hiring caregivers because your mom is shy. If you need your mom to have care, you have to make that a priority. Be prepared to adjust her care schedule as needed. With the right team of caregivers, you’ll find your mom becomes very comfortable with the care she receives.

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